Select Widget

Select Widget

Custom select widgets on a workout allows you to define set of values that you want to record.

This is a simple feature that brings lots of flexibility and power to the platform.

Some examples:

  • Rock types
  • Conditions
  • Skin
  • Mental strength

When adding or editing a workout all you need to do is click on "Add Widget" button, select the "Select" widget type and fill in the fields.

Select Widget 1

A select widget must have a name and at least one option.

Once you have added the widget to your workout you'll see it when completing that workout.

Select Widget 2

If for some reason you decide you change your mind with your options but want to keep historical data, you can use the "display" checkbox which controls the visibility of your options within your workouts.

Select Widget 3

All select widget data is feeds into your metrics view (custom select section). Here you can dive deep into your progression and learn from your training in great detail.

Select Widget 4