Incomplete Workouts

Incomplete Workouts

Sequence allows you to keep track of cases where you do not complete a workout and the reason why.

Doing this will allow you to pick up patterns in your training behaviour — so you have a chance to reinforce them if they are good, or change them if they are bad.

Incomplete workouts 1

You'll find the controls just above the "Complete Workout" button on the scheduled workout form. Click the + to add a specific reason.

Are you over planning? Are you over training? Are you underestimating the time it takes to get all your training done? Do you need to do more workouts in the morning because evenings tend to have more scheduling conflicts?

There's no need to feel ashamed about not doing a workout and marking it as incomplete, even if it is due to no motivation at the time. In fact, it's more important to accurately reflect the reasons for not doing a workout, rather than simply leaving them untouched or even worse - outright deleting them.

If you are motivated in the long run, it's important to identify situations where you weren't motivated so that you can minimise periods of low motivation in the future.

We've put a lot of thought into the different reasons that we list and have listed them below with some notes on the rationale behind each of them. We encourage you to record more detailed notes against your scheduled workout if needed as well.

No reason given
Not motivatedAre you burnt out, or just being lazy?
Not recoveredEmphasises fatigue from training(can help identify over-planning and over-training)
Not enough timeCan indicate issues with planning
Too tiredCould include anything not training related (i.e. fatigued from work / not enough sleep)
Sick / Ill
Weather / conditions
WorkOften having to work late, or meeting getting in the way of lunch time workouts

The Metrics tab now has a section to view the workouts that you are not completing. Here you can identify patterns in the types of workouts that you have planned but are not completing. It is fairly basic at the moment, but we will be expanding this as the feature matures.

In the future we aim to build capabilities to help you reschedule your workouts if you can't do them. Until then, we hope you are psyched try out the feature as is — and don't hesitate to give us feedback or suggestions!