Training Plans

Training Plans

At present there are 3 plans (Boulder, Routes and Combined) that are 4 weeks in length. Each plan aims to give you direction and accountability. For those that have trouble starting to train, these plans should help get the ball rolling.

These plans have been developed to build week on week and offer a good mix of variety and intensity.

The added bonus of Plans in Sequence is you have the ability to use them as inspiration and modify and adapt them to your lifestyle with a few simple actions. You can drag workouts to different days, remove workouts and even add extra workouts.

To apply a plan to your schedule

Visit the "plans" page and select the plan that suits you the most. We have also built in the ability for you to preview the plan.

Plans 1

When applying a plan you have a few options on when to start your plan and if you would like to completely overwrite what you have planned.

Plans 2

Once you have applied your plan you can adapt it to suit your needs.

Here is an example of the 4 week Routes plan.

Plans 3