Goals within Sequence are an extremely powerful feature that have been developed to help you stay focused and accountable. If you want to improve as a climber, being focused is a guaranteed way to see improvement.

Training with a goal in mind has a massive benefit. Goals form a purpose of motivation and motivation is one of the biggest aspects of becoming better. Having goals makes it 110% easier to train and improve.

In Sequence you can easily create goals and even link workouts, notes and milestones to your goals so you can see progression.

To create a "Goal" visit the "Goals" page and click the "New Goal" button.

Goals 1

When creating a goal, you'll be required to enter 4 fields:

Goals 2

With some status's you'll also have the option to enter a date, this is not required but recommended to help you stay on track.

Goals 3

Goals become extremely powerful when you start linking workouts, notes and milestones to them. Think of it as mind-mapping your training actions.

To link a workout, view the workouts model (where you complete a workout) and you'll see a "Link To Goal" option in the top right menu.

Goals 4

Goals 5

If you accidentally link the wrong goal, you can also unlink it from within this model.

Goals 6

Linking Milestones and Notes can be done from within the top right menu on the details view of the Milestone/Note.

Goals 7

Goals 8

When viewing your goal you also have the option to unlink workouts, notes and milestones if you need to.

Goals 9

Goals 10

Goals are an extremely powerful feature which can be used to keep you accountable and focused.

Here are two examples of how you could use them:

Goals 11

Goals 12

If you need some guidance in creating goals we have published an article on the blog that offers some direction - Creating Good Climbing Goals (opens in a new tab)